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DE Flowmeters Kft. is the production department of Dányi Engineering Cluster. The main activity of the company is the production the own developed Sensoflo™ Flow sensors and Sensoflo™ Flow controllers.


SENSOFLO™ 433 Flow sensor


This electromagnetic flow sensor is especially suitable for measuring the flow rate and volume of liquids that have minimal conductivity and contain solid particles. The SENSOFLO 433 is very advantageous for measuring liquid food, pharmaceutical materials, and different kinds of chemicals, acids and bases. The inside of the measuring tube is CIP washable and can be sterilized by steam. The output signal is a RS485 digital signal with Modbus RTU protocol or impulse frequency signal. It also has a three state output, which can be assigned to a value of liquid flow rate or flow volume. The pipes of the input and output sides can be connected to the basic type by a loose flange. There are two different types of loose flanges. For the metal pipes used in the food industry the flange can be connected by Clamp Union; for the plastic pipes, Georg-Fisher Adaptor Union can be used.


SENSOFLO™ 434 Flow display


With the SENSOFLO™ 434 Display connected to the SENSOFLO™ 433 Flow sensor, the measured value of the flow rate (in liters per minute) and the flow volume (in liters or cubic meters) can be read on site. In case of dosing application the output of the three state switch can set the volume of dosing in the range of 1.000 - 999.9 liters.